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I am Elaine Russell,
Master CranioSacral Therapist

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CranioSacral therapy is the ultimate relaxation and rebalancing!

This gentle medicine based on Ancient Healing techniques combined with the latest brain science, palpation of the internal rhythms of the fluids in the body, and Quantum Biodynamics, will rebalance, and re-energize your body as well as release pain patterns and inflammation! 

​Release stress!

Calm anxiety!

Boost your energy!

Relieve aches and restrictions that that are causing your discomfort!

"Working with Elaine Russell has once again relieved me of pain and discomfort, this time from a recent physical trauma. I am moving freely once more and am ever so grateful. I highly recommend Elaine's work! Very intuitive, very skilled. I felt safe and well cared for. Thank you"

I also offer Visceral Manipulation (gentle work on internal organs with great success on helping coupes conceive), BodyTalk (quantum biomechanics), reflexology, and SomatoEmotional release.

Phone. 608 636 5022


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